Having raced 510’s and Z-Cars exclusively for 30 years, we have developed what we believe to be the best components for your car’s suspension. Application will vary depending on your requirements and expectations. We have compenents that will give you the handling you expect.

Datsuns have a very unique and effective rear independent suspension that is very good for what it was designed for but does need some very special attention when when used in a competition environment. Camber and toe control is of the utmost importance. Spring rates will vary according to track surfaces obviously, however, chassis springing in the back can come in two ways: O.E.M. design and coil over type. Because of geometry requirements spring rates may change as well.


We offer sets for street, auto-x and road racing. Please inquire for pricing:

• 2.5″ I.D. x 8″ or 10″ Racing Springs (coil over style)
• Spherical Bearing Kit for Front Lower Control Arms
• Tension Compression Bushing Kit (Urethane)
• Tension Compression Bushing Kit (Ball and Socket)
• Bump Steer Blocks – Aluminum
• Idler Arm Bushing Kit
• Camber Plate Set (front) Aluminum with Spherical Bearing Kit
• Adjustable Ride Height Collars (2.5″ diameter springs)
• Steering Rack Bushing, Z-Cars
• Steering Coupler, Z-Cars
• Z-Car Bushings – Lower Control Arm Inners
• 510 Rear Cross-Member Spherical Bearings

Factory Distributor for the following components: