Sway bars can greatly improve the handling of a vehicle. The sway bar may also be referred to as a stabilizer bar or an anti-sway bar. Most sway bars mount at two places on the frame or body of the vehicle. The bar then extends out to each side of the vehicle’s suspension, linking the right side suspension to the left side suspension. The sway bar reduces the amount of sway or body roll as a vehicle’s weight shifts from side to side during cornering. When a vehicle corners the sway bar applies the load from one side of the suspension to the other side, keeping the body from swaying or rolling to the side experiencing the most load. The sway bar keeps the body of the vehicle level while maintaining traction and control thus improving its handling.

SWAY BARS Specifications: Please inquire for pricing


• Solid Type 1″
• Tubular – Trans-Am Type 510
• Tubular – Trans-Am Type Z


• Solid Type .75″
• Tubular Type 510 (welding required)
• Tubular Type Z

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