Rallye-Sport / Jeff offers a complete automotive performance program in house. Quality craftsmanship, Time and Time again!
knowledgable at The Track or in the shop.
 Decades of experience as a driver and car builder. Championship Racing Background in SCCA.
 Easily one of the Top 5 shops for street production and prototype based race cars. I do not very often recommend a shop, But I am happy to do so for Mr. Winter. Thanks so much, for your support / patronage over 25 years. I had to do the decades thing just to keep him humble!
George M. Ibbotson, Road Racing Services Inc.
Jeff has been instrumental in helping me live out a dream that started with a Z car when I was sixteen years old. I am not a racer.  I do not plan to be one.  However, I love Z cars and I always wanted to build a classic Z car the way Datsun could have but never did off the track. Jeff took his time teaching me the ins and outs of suspension, braking, engines and how to build a true high performance street vehicle that I could drive every day. He is a master technician, a superb mentor, an incredible driver and I recommend him to anyone looking to add performance to a street car or planning to campaign a full blown racing machine.  He will tell you what you need to hear and make sure you succeed!  Now I am running my car at High Plains Race Way on track days and it is amazing what it can do.  Jeff might make a racer out of me one of these days!
John Tyler, 1978 280Z & 1970 240Z


I first heard about Jeff Winter from a friend who took me for a ride in a car with a Winter Racing Engine under the hood.  Whoa!  Was I impressed!  I promptly contacted Jeff and had him take a look at my car, a 1977 280Z that has been in my family since new.  I have done a lot of work on this car over the years and Jeff was excited to work with me and more than happy to let me do as much of the work on the car as I wanted before bringing it to him. I pulled the old fuel injection system, intake and exhaust so I could clean, polish and/or paint everything in the engine compartment.  Jeff installed his own spec performance street cam, a 6:1 header and a set of triple Weber carburetors. I can’t believe how much difference this made in the power, performance, handling and sound of the car. His work transformed my mild mannered 280z into a fire breathing monster. I never thought an L28 engine could make this kind of power and sound this good. I always dreamed of having a car like this with an awesome engine…now I do! Thanks Jeff!
Pat Baxter, 1977 280Z


When I acquired my ’71 510 vintage racer for Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing competition, I had Jeff Winter build, install & dyno-tune an L18 motor (Carillo rods, J&E pistons, balanced, Rallye Sport manifold w/ dual Weber 45’s, re-use existing head that had been worked on by Jeff for previous owner). We had numerous discussions on what my expectations were, and what he was able to do to meet those expectations within my budget. His expertise & vast Datsun knowledge & experience was, & continues to be,  invaluable. The motor performed flawlessly for 4 race seasons. I freshened it before season 5, (bearings, rings, gaskets, etc) and there was virtually no wear. In fact, I could have easily put it back together as is, & run it for many more seasons.
Besides his engine work, he has worked on the suspension (camber plates, rear cross-member, springs, alignment, & set up), provided advice & parts, and become a good friend, sharing a love for all things Datsun. I would have no one else work on my car but Jeff.
Mark Robinson, RMVR 78


Jeff built both of our racing 240Zs, and currently provides outside maintenance, repair and improvement services. They are extraordinary cars, both mechanically and cosmetically, with considerable racing success, and I say this as a man who owns 16 race cars, and has raced on and off for over 40 years. The Zs have been fast, safe, well-handling and reliable cars, and are a blast to drive. Jeff has my highest recommendation – and much appreciation – for anything Z or Datsun related.


Jeff has been doing engine and other work for my 510 race cars for over 25 years (Improved Touring and H Production). He builds great engines, is always responsive, and has been supportive of all aspects of my racing. I strongly recommend Jeff as a race car builder and as a friend.
Gregg Ten Eyck, SCCA member no. 123179


26 wins, 16 lap records, 14 different tracks across the country, American Road Race of Champions ITS winner, what more could you ask for?
Nick Craw, Nick Craw (SCCA President & CEO, ACCUS/FIA President & CEO)


You want an unbiased opinion? Can’t give you one. Jeff has given me the best engines, race prep and advice for over 20 years and has become a dear friend. So yeah, I’m a little biased.
Karl McColl


Speed, reliability, safety and integrity. That’s what comes out of the Rallye Sport shop. Oh yeah, and wins. Lots of wins.
Karl McColl